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    We Provide Many Metal Fabrication Services Metal Fabrication Burnsville MN CNC Lathe Services Burnsville MN CNC Milling Services Burnsville Mn Machining Services Twin Cities Welding Services St Paul Minneapolis Area

    Over 34 years experience as metal fabrication experts in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Send us an e-mail, phone us, or stop on by to learn what our services can do for you.

    About A & R

    Machining Burnsville MN

    Minneapolis/St Paul Area Metal Fabrication Services

    A & R Machine Tool Inc., located in Burnsville MN, has been servicing the Minneapolis/St Paul area for 34 years. Established in 1978 by Alan Rodgers, A & R has grown to become one of the most reliable and quality assured metal fabrication providers in the Twin Cities.

    If you’re looking for machining, lathe, milling, welding, and other metal fabrication services, A & R Machine Tool, Inc. is the shop to start. A & R completes work for everyone. Whether you are someone looking to have a chair welded or you’re and inudustrial company needing long run production, Alan is more than pleased to quickly complete your goal.

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    Machining Services

    Machining Services Twin Cities

    A & R Machine Tool Inc. Machining Services

    A & R Machine Tool Inc. has a wide variety of machining services to offer in support of your project goals. They provide precission machined parts, tooling, and assemblies serving the electronics, construction, printing, food processing high tech computer, military construction, production, and semi conductor industries. A & R works with short run jobs, long run jobs, prototypes, and one-of-a-kind jobs; or if you have a single item that needs some work, they can help with that too.

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    Sample Work

    Sample Machining Work

    Check Out Some Of A & R Machine Tool, Inc’s?Previous Work

    A & R Machine Tool Inc. is proud of their work and their skills in producing quality machined parts. No job is too big or too small. Please have a look at some samples of A & R’s fabrication abilities.

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